Sunday, August 15, 2010


His name is Shiloh.  He's let me touch him 4 times now but each time he quickly moves away.  By late afternoon Chy was much more relaxed with people around him.

Shiloh was born sometime during the night.  I woke up this morning to find him and Chy standing by the gate.  He was clean and fluffy and she looked nothing like she had had a baby.  When I went out to meet him she put herself in between us so I couldn't get near him.  She kept her distance most of the day except for a few times when I gave her treats.  I took that time to build the beginnings of a milking stanchion.  Right now it's just a chute for her to stand in and get used to eating there.  I don't think she's been in it yet. 

I wanted so badly to watch the birth but I guess I should just be thankful it all went well and I didn't lose any sleep over it.  I was hoping to touch him then so he would be more open to socializing with humans.  I feel pretty confident  it's not going to take much work to win him over though.  Chy is already standing back and letting him choose to come near me or not.  He's very curious but cautious yet.

This video is him first thing in the morning so he couldn't be more than 6 hours old or so.  Just after I took this he bounced and fell.  I wish I had kept the video running longer.  Now he looks very sure-footed when he runs. 

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