Friday, May 25, 2018

Garden Gate Gown

The old gate I built out of wood many years ago rotted so it was time for a new one, this time out
of steel, copper and aluminum.  It's way heavier than the wooden one.  I think I overbuilt it.  It still needs some additions, like a gate latch and maybe something to go on either side of the bodice. I just haven't figured out what I'd like to go there so we hung it and I'll wait for inspiration.  I will color the copper blue over the next few days, like you see at the base of the bodice.
The top is copper tubing and roofing copper.
The bottom is made from rebar, bed springs and aluminum screening.  We'll see how the screening holds up over the years.    I used it because it made the bottom of the gown look more fabric-y.
Why the gown?  I don't really know.  I must have been in a dress phase at the time and James approved (he's the gardener and looks at and uses the gate way more than I).

The hanger is rebar and the outside frame is one inch angle iron, which is why it's so heavy, and perhaps wasn't the best idea, weight-wise.  Also, when bending the top arch I had to notch one side, heat it and then re-weld the notches.

Hopefully when the steel rusts and the copper is blue it will pop out more and look prettier.