Monday, October 31, 2016

Human Halloween Two Thousand Sixteen

For the past 3 years James and I have been invited to a party in Lexington where our friends, Kay and Bob, live and get hundreds of trick-or-treaters.  This year I swear they got nearly a thousand.  I'm serious, it was a constant stream for 2 1/2 hours.  We adults dress up too and watch the masses come and go as we enjoy our own yummy treats.

I hadn't really paid much attention to Halloween, since we don't get trick-or-treaters living out in the county, until Kay and Bob invited us to their parties.  I forgot how much fun it is to dress up.  Each year I do my internet searches for homemade costumes for adults and then wing it.  Here are the results of this year's research.  James' costume is pretty self-explanatory.
He's still wearing the beard and mustache paint because I told him how hot he looks.  I can't get over how different he looks with dark eyebrows and a beard.  I mean, can you say sexy?  I may have to dress him up more often.
It seems my costumes always need some explaining.  People look at me and tip their heads.  I'll post a picture first and let you guess.  Then I'll tell you what I am for those of you who are a little slower.
Need help?  I'm a one night stand.  Get it?  I have a few friends who may appreciate what's hanging from my right ear.  Zoom in and look closer.  As much as I hate this next picture of me I'm posting it anyway so you can see my earring because I know a few of you may get a giggle out of it.
There were many great costumes at the party.  Our friends Bee and Dave were dressed perfectly as Bee and her Bee Keeper.  Who's Dave kidding, really?  Does Bee have a keeper?
Bob Ross and the happy little tree also showed up.  Famous people everywhere.
The Gorton's fisherman brought fish sticks - my favorite.
And our hostess, the always-beautiful-in-anything-she-wears, Kay Lera, with Bob Ross.
Remember Glenn Campbell and the Rhinestone Cowboy?  You probably have to be my age or older to remember that song.  Well, the rhinestone cowboy was there too.  Ok, these guys look drunk but they weren't.  The photographer is to blame for this picture.  They do look happy though.

I wish I could have captured a photo that shows how many children came to their front porch but it was dark out so you really can't see this swarm.
Happy Halloween.  I hope you all got a hundred Reese's peanut butter cups.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Halloween Two Thousand Sixteen

Moonjava hasn't bathed in 2 years.  He thinks it will wash away the good juju that's been with him for  that long.  When I took this photo I saw a noodle, a piece of carrot and a raisin in his hair. I didn't mention it.

Danny is loved by men and women alike.  A real athlete and charmer.  Able to take a joke and give a little ribbing to his buddies.
Danny is also the life of the party.  I could barely get him to stay still for a picture because he was afraid he was going to miss some fun if he stayed put too long.
Pete, aka, Patrice, is Moonjava's twin brother.  Pete works for a software company by day.  As soon as he punches the time clock he's back in his room and Patrice can then relax, paint her nails and trade her tie for a tiara.  Not much of a night owl, she prefers quiet time to reflect, soak in a tub (unlike Moonjava, she bathes), put her jammies on and listen to broadway tunes.

Ahh, what can I say about Ella?  As sweet in person as she is in this photo.  I told her I liked her bows and she wanted to give them to me.  When I asked her what the worst thing she ever did was she
said she once ate a whole jar of strawberry jam in one sitting and didn't leave any for her brother.
Simone, 58, but dresses like she's 10.  Bleaches her hair if she sees the tiniest bit of dark or gray.  Drinks the cheapest of champagnes - even puts it on her Lucky Charms.  When her mouth smiles (which is rare) the rest of her face doesn't know it's supposed to smile too.

Carmine, 46, works at Dollar General, bums cigarettes from the customers.  Buys her wigs on sale at Dollar General at the end of Halloween season.
 Folks call Carmine Big Ears because she hears everything.  If you want to know the latest gossip, Carmine's your gal.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A painting of me and Raisa

A while back I posted on my blog a photo taken of me and Raisa by my friend June Collmer.  It was in black and white and I thought it was just perfect of the 2 of us.  Well this morning I was surprised
by a gift from another one of our very talented friends, Kathy Kvach.  She saw the photo on my blog and painted this without telling me and then surprised me with it.  So far I've only seen a photo of it because somehow it has gotten waylaid in a post office somewhere.  Kathy, I hope you don't mind me
posting this here.  I just love it so much and feel so honored that a friend would do this for me.  This photo could have been taken of me on just about any morning.  Raisa never leaves the milk stand without a hug or a kiss.  I'm pretty sure she waits for it.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Facelift for other unwanted pieces

Like the china cabinet I recently gave a facelift to, I've fallen back in love with some pieces that no one seemed to want, including us.  I had tried selling this settee and 2 chairs on Craigslist and at a yard sale.  Here they are before the facelift.
 I removed the cushioning before I remembered to take a photo.
They've been sitting in our garage getting mildewed and it was time to either pitch them or do something with them.  I didn't like the formality of these pieces and they didn't really go with the rest of our house.

I chiseled off the scroll detail on the back of the chair (there are 2 chairs but I've only completed one so far) and removed the springs and built new seats for them out of plywood.  I cut the back off the settee and made it into a bench.  They were sanded, reglued where needed, primed and painted a cheery blue.
And here they are recovered in a fabric I love.
I had originally thought I'd fix them up and maybe try selling them again but now I love them and they've found a place in our bedroom.  Total cost for the whole transformation was around $100.00.
So now what do I do with this?  I have a few ideas :)  As you can see, I have a hard time throwing stuff away.