Saturday, March 3, 2018


I had a nice surprise waiting for me this morning.  Pessa gave birth to a sturdy, beautiful little girl.  I hadn't expected babies this year because Pessa and Luti are getting pretty old and neither showed any signs of pregnancy, even though we keep a buck, Dagwood, with them.  Two days ago I thought Pessa's backside looked a tiny bit swollen and then yesterday I thought her udder might be getting a bit bigger.  I was sure it was wishful thinking, because lately I've been envious of all the cute baby goat pictures I've been seeing on Facebook.  This was a very nice present, a single girl. I decided to call her Breezy, since we've been getting some serious winds the past 2 days.

 I'm kind of surprised by her light color because her mom and dad are brown and black with some white and her grandfather was almost all black and grandmother was brown like Pessa.  I've always loved light colored goats.  I'm sure she'll darken as she gets older.  This is her handsome dad, Dagwood.
She's very laid back and friendly so far.  Right away she wanted to be held.  She's not shy.  She took a nap in my arms for 15 minutes and then I had to put her down because she's so heavy for a newborn.  

It's still breezy here today but nothing like yesterday's winds that blew up some of the roofing on our garage and uprooted a big pine tree.  We're lucky we didn't get the snow like some of my family got in PA.  It was 50 degrees here but felt more like 30.