Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rough 'n tumble farrier

This morning was our first experience with a farrier.  Apparently it was also Chy's first experience.  Hopefully it wasn't the farrier's last.   Wayne Tingler was his name and he came highly recommended by my friend, Gail, who has 2 donkeys.  From the stories she told me it sounds like her girls also gave Wayne a run for his money.  I have no idea why he does it unless he loves a good challenge or he has a death wish.  I'll bet he's been in the rodeo.

I'm still very unsure of Chy.  I'm used to goats who don't kick and let me do just about whatever I want to them.  I couldn't even get Chy's halter on her before Wayne got here because I was upsetting her and I was nervous about getting kicked.  He decided he was going to make friends with Chy.  He spoke softly and gently stroked her.  I can't really remember how it went from there except I recall her dragging him around the barn for a few laps with him hanging on to her neck.  He kept telling us and her they were going to be best friends.  She sure didn't treat her friend very well.  He finally got her haltered and tied to a post.  He showed us how to make her give up her foot by lifting it and dropping it to the ground many times.  Sounds simple huh?  Sure.  Just when I thought she was all calmed down and acting like a pussy cat she'd give him a few whacks.  As time wore on though I could tell she was getting tired and the kicks were half-hearted.

Wayne kept apologizing to us for being rough on her, which he wasn't at all.  I felt like I should keep apologizing to him for having his head knocked against the post, being twisted in her rope, karate kicked probably 30 times and for all the bruises he probably has tonight.   While most of this was going on James and I were cowering in the corner wishing we had worn our helmets and armor.  Wayne is small of stature but strong as an ox.  I'm not sure who was more feisty Chy or Wayne.  He got the job done and I was more than grateful.  Her one foot that had been bothering her had grown under its self and it has to feel better now that it's all trimmed up.  I hope she's grateful too.

Oh yeah, one more thing.  I got to taste Chy's milk.  I told Wayne I had visions of milking her.  He looked a bit surprised and did a good job of hiding his skepticism. After she settled down he milked her, tasted it and then squeezed some into my hand so I could taste it.  I wish I'd had a glass of it so I could savor and really taste it.  All I can remember is that it seemed thinner than goat's milk.

I have 6 to 8 weeks now to get Chy to relax about getting her feet touched and handled more in general.  I also need to keep touching Shiloh all over so he always behaves for us.  I probably shouldn't have found this morning so entertaining but Wayne and his fiance' Debra were such good sports and kind of seemed like they were having a good time so I didn't feel so bad laughing.  I do wonder what they said on the way home.


  1. Wow he is good. do whatever you have to to keep him. Pies..cookies, find out what that man likes and bake it for him. Good Farriers are very hard to find. I have had a few good ones and a few really crappy ones. HANG ON TO THAT ONE! he did an amazing job with her and handled her very nicely!

  2. Well that was entertaining!
    He's an amazing guy.

  3. Yeah, we thought he was pretty amazing too. I have recommended him to another friend. I hope next time Chy behaves better for him.

  4. I am so glad you video taped that. I loved it. XO LO

  5. mary pannabecker steinerAugust 28, 2010 at 6:03 AM

    Well hey, that looked like lots of fun. Ouch. All I can say is that he must have legs of steel.

  6. Thank you Karen for this post. I've read it a few times and I'm still laughing, because it was actually fun. I loved watching the videos, very entertaining! Wayne was my farrier for 4 years before we became a couple, he is so good with the animals and that's part of the reason I fell in love with him.I thought if he was that soft but yet not giving up, he would be with me and my family. I've been many places with him and he's always patient and never gave up. Many times I would have just walked away and said "forget this crap". But not Wayne. I'm not sure why he does other than he really enjoys it and he's alittle nuts. Chy was a good donkey compared to many of the horses I've seen him handle, including one of my a few years back. You wondered what we talked about on the way home, Well we went to Cave Mt. walked down to the water and talked about how luckly we are to be able to go to beautiful places and meet new interesting people,make friends. We loved the set up you have and the barn you built was amazing. I could have stayed all day.You and James are very nice easy going hard working people. It was a pleasure to meet you both. We look forward to our next visit and I hope I can bring my son he'ld love it. Chy really is beautiful and not that bad at all. Hint..Wayne likes cookies! See you again soon,