Thursday, August 5, 2010

A PREGNANT DONKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adam posted on Facebook, "going with mom to look at a pregnant donkey.  Wonder what we're getting ourselves into?"  Later he wrote, "bought the donkey, ha ha new addition to the farm/family.  About 70 animals now". 

And in a few months she'll have one of these.
This little guy is 6 days old and belongs to her sister.

More later.  It's time for me to milk the goats.  Oh, by the way, I plan to milk the donkey.


  1. I'm starting to worry about your addiction to barnyard animals. What's next? Pygmy horses? Sheep? You don't have any sheep or llamas or ostrich.

    Will you need to start going to meetings. FAA, Farm Animals Anonymous?

    Hello, I'm Karen and I'm addicted to Barnyard critters.

  2. Bison, you could use the entire lower field where your neighbor grew wheat or hay or straw or whatever.

    I hear Bison milk is very special. Don't expect Kath to help you with that. Also Bison meat is a cash crop and is supposed to be much leaner than beef.

    Then there is Emu and Alpaca. Geez, your head must be spinning about now. ;>)

  3. Don't listen to him, Karen. He's jealous. He always wanted to live on a farm. Alpaca's might be fun, but I heard ostrich are mean.The donkey's beautiful. I like her color. Are you keeping her name, Clover?

  4. I know he's jealous. Hmm, bison sounds interesting.
    I haven't decided about the donkey's name yet.