Friday, August 6, 2010

Not an expert on goats but had just enough knowledge to help

The daughter of a friend of mine drove down my driveway a few nights ago and asked if I could help her.  Her goat had 2 babies and one of them wasn't doing great and the mom wouldn't get up.  I grabbed some molasses water, selenium and vitamin E, vitamin B complex and some syringes and off we went.  The goat had the babies way under the barn and we had to shimmy on our bellies to get to her.  We drug the babies out hoping she'd follow.  Tiffany (the goat owner) gave MaryJane (the goat) the molasses water which she drank right down.  MaryJane walked right out and we took them up into the barn.  We dried the babies off, gave MaryJane more molasses water and all of them selenium and vitamin E shots.  They all looked great and the babies were trying to nurse.  A storm blew in and there was lightning all around.  Thanks goodness it held off till after we were done.

Tiffany called the next day to tell me the placenta hadn't fallen out yet.  I gave her the advice given to me when this happened to one of my goats.  Tie a small bag of water to the placenta and the weight will make it come out.  I haven't heard from her so I don't know if it worked or not.  She also said  when she pulled on the teat nothing came out.  I told her you don't pull the teat, you squeeze it.  "Oh", she said.  I'm sure everything was working fine.

I felt really good that I was able to help.  Even though they probably didn't even need me, I know it made Tiffany feel better about it all.  I felt the same way once upon a time and will probably feel that way again.

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  1. Its funny, you don't know how much you have really learned until someone else needs your learning. I am glad you were there for Tiiffany, MaryJane, and the kids.