Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More chicks and more on the way

Soosie hatched 3 little black chicks and has 2 more eggs under her.  I wonder if they'll hatch.  It smells pretty bad in the garage she's in so I can't wait till she's done sitting so I can change her nest.  If the eggs don't hatch should I break them open and see what's inside????????

I have one more broody hen sitting on 7 eggs, I think.  They aren't due to hatch for another 2 weeks.  The last chicks that hatched out about 2 months ago think they own our yard.  They can be seen just about anywhere.  They are true free-range chickens and look nothing like any of my others.  I guess since my rooster is a cross of different breeds they got their color from his genes.  Maybe when the white ones get bigger they'll look more like my rooster.

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