Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We're not that un-cool are we?

One of Adam's friends, James H., is living with us for a little while until he gets back on his feet and saves some money. I thought it might be a little strange having him here after Adam left for school but I think it will be ok. Last night after he and 2 other friends went hiking up the Devil's Marbleyard they had dinner with us. I told them that was going to cost them a game of Scrabble with us. The girls said they'd love to. Maybe they were just being kind but I think they really wanted to. After Scrabble we moved into the living room and sang show tunes. Even James H. was a good sport about it. They stayed till 11:00. James P. and I love to sing and it's always fun when others will do it with us. Adam wrote on his Facebook that he couldn't believe his friends were hanging out with his parents and he was at school. I videoed them singing and I should post it on facebook but I don't know if they'd want their friends to know they were singing My Favorite Things at 10:30 at night with a 46 and 56 year old. Maybe they wouldn't care.

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  1. Hello Karen, Just want you to know this is the first blog I've tried, and I ignorantly have read your life backwards to the beginning of September. I'm very eager to do more, perhaps even going forward from May through August this time! Anyway, thanks so much for doing this, and I'll hold you entirely responsible if I fail my skills test again, because you're irresistible!
    Very best, Linda