Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I never aspired to being a plumber and never will

I spent many hours today removing tiny grapes, my neighbor calls them Fall grapes, from their vines. We picked almost 2 bushels of them but to make wine they had to be removed from their stems. They grow wild at the edge of our woods. I kept asking myself if 5 bottles of wine could be worth the time it took to get the 15 lbs I needed, not to mention the poison ivy I have all over the place from picking them. It better be tasty. There are still a lot more we didn't remove from the stems yet. Another day.

While mashing the grapes I heard a hissing coming from the next room. It's a sound no homeowner wants to hear, water spraying indoors, and I don't mean the shower. One of the copper pipes going to the hot water heater had a hole in it. I left the grapes and walked through an inch of water to shut it off. Groan. If you click on the picture it will get bigger and you can see the water on the floor. I hate plumbing problems. I fixed the leak then scooped up all the water I could (about 17 gallons) and put the dehumidifier in the doorway. James hung towels and sheets on the line that were in a bag on the floor of the sopping wet room. It all took much less time than I thought it would. Very nice. I'm glad it was such a simple fix.

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  1. Karen! First of all, how did you learn to fix that, and it sounds like it's easier than others you've already done. ?! Second of all, did James happen along in time to hang the towels, or did he stand in awe as you fixed the pipe? You certainly do lead an interesting life. With my dial-up I'll be visiting occasionally, especially AFTER my CNA test Saturday morning! I WILL PASS this time!!! Best wishes to a hard, hard worker!!! Linda