Thursday, September 10, 2009

would you, could you, with a goat in a boat

I always loved Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham. I don't think it mentioned goats in boats though. The goats got a new toy today, a broken paddle boat, and it was a hit. I wish I could have gotten them on video when I first gave it to them. Witty and Jake hopped in it and started wrestling right away. Jake laid down in it for a while but I disturbed him when I got the camera out. Adam brought home these paddle boats for us to play around on the river in but this one was missing one paddle so I decided it would be perfect for the goats.

I decided to redecorate the barn today. Every morning the milking stand is covered in poop so today I moved it into one of the stalls along with a little printer cart where I can store milking supplies. Now I can close up the stall so no one gets on it until they're meant to. Since I took away their favorite bench I moved an old computer desk there and put a non-slip mat on it so now they have another thing to jump up on. I took the top off the computer desk (the part with the cabinet) and put it in the feeding stall to store some food supplies and provide a shelf for me to work at. It's all quite functional now.

Polly was much better on the milk stand today. James had to lift her up there but once we had her locked in she stood there so nicely. I think I'm going to really enjoy this once we've both settled in. Her milk is delicious and I love the sound of the milk squirting into the pan. When I get good at it I may record that too.


  1. Karen, My New Year's Resolution - read your and James' blogs regularly! I'll slowly work backwards, too, to get what all I missed. First thought as I read about your milk goats - My mother, 102, had terrifically strong hands, and I've commented on this many times. She insists she got them milking. So perhaps you'll never have trouble opening cans when you get a little age on ya. I can never figure out how to post comments, so I'll copy this in case I have to e-mail you. Happy New Year to you and the critters!!! Love, Linda Krantz

  2. I mean she still HAS very, very strong hands. She'll be 103 in May. I think that's remarkable. I'll have to preview my comments before sending them in future. Sorry 'bout that.