Wednesday, September 23, 2009

WTF Polly?

Sorry Mom and Dad for the foul acronym but Polly has pissed me off 2 days in a row. This sweet little goat has turned into Satan after about 5 minutes of milking. She's getting better about going into the stall to be milked (kind of) and puts up with me washing her down and getting her ready. She looks at me with loving eyes even. I'm gentle with her and sing sweet songs (okay, maybe not all that sweet). Yesterday's song I made up and had lots of "Pollys" in it. Today I sang Sunshine on My Shoulder with more "Pollys" in it. Once she has given me a warning that kicking is to commence I get behind her and milk from above, kind of like I'm hugging her. I feel like I'm keeping her legs blocked with my elbows so she can't kick that way. All the while I know she's scheming. She waits till the stream has gone thin and I'm just about done. Just a few more squirts to be sure she's really empty when, WHAM!!!! She kicks, she scores!!!!! The crowd goes wild. No, I go wild and not in a good way. Milk all over the place, even down my leg. Grrr and double grrrr.

I ordered some cheese making supplies which arrived today but at this rate I'm never going to have enough milk to make cheese.

So today I made a hobble. It's made from 2 old dog collars. They're attached to the sides of the milking stand and I will slip her legs through them so she can't kick. Sounds like a plan doesn't it? Well, we'll see how it works. I think Polly saw them already so I know she's got it figured out how to play Houdini. Who will win tomorrow?


  1. did she do today?

  2. Not good. The hobble came off her one leg and she seemed to kick more because I put her through that. The last 2 days James has held her legs while I milk. Still, after a period of time she gets really ticked of and throws a fit and she gets her way.

  3. I had seen the title of your post days ago, but just had a chance to click on your blog. Ironically, I was pondering while I milked last night about whether your parents read your blog. I laughed hard when I saw the first thing you did was apologize!
    After the babies are gone, things should get easy. I have a little less trouble with my 3 first fresheners, but even though they had their kids taken, they can still be ugly acting. Claire does the same thing; waits till the bitter end.
    When does Strawberry kid? Maybe she will be the savior of the cheese.
    Hope it gets way better way fast!