Friday, January 7, 2011

When the cat's away..............

Today I drove into town and didn't return for 5 hours.  One of my errands was to pick up a to-be-discarded Christmas tree from Susan.  It was a special treat I wanted to surprise the goats with.  We didn't have a big Christmas tree but I wanted them to have one.  This is what they thought of it.

This is how they thanked me for going to Tractor Supply and buying more food for them and getting them their surprise.
Witty has been showing lots of interest in this small medicine cabinet I keep in the barn.  This afternoon it was ripped off the wall and its contents were scattered from one side of the barn to the other.  The plastic you see in the picture is a bunch of very large plastic gloves another friend, Gail, gave me in case I need to help deliver a baby.  I've only had to "go in" once and hope I don't have to do that again this kidding season.  Apparently the gloves were a huge hit because most of them were missing fingers.  The one thing I wasn't able to find in the straw were the little rubber bands I use to remove the manliness from the little bucklings.  I'm pretty sure one of the boys must have eaten them.  Little do they know, they're safe from these very, very tiny bands, if you know what I mean.

Edit:  I just went back to look at this video and noticed that all the black goats are next to each other, all the white and the 2 browns also.

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