Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cheese anyone?

Most of my cheeses have now been sealed in plastic by my Food Saver but I still had a few covered in wax.  I recently noticed that 2 of the wax-coated cheeses had some black showing through.  Uh oh, mold.  I removed the wax from the Darby cheese and was surprised to find such a colorful display of mold.  Okay, maybe I wasn't pleased but still it was pretty.  Very appetizing, don't you think?

I cut the mold off and gave some of it to the chickens and saved some for treats for the dogs.  The cheese underneath was surprisingly very tasty.  I'll let it air dry for a day or two then seal it in plastic.  I may cut a chunk off for eating now.  The other cheese, a Monterey Jack, didn't have this much mold.  It was also delicious.

Still learning.