Thursday, January 20, 2011

My friend Geraldine

James and I went to NC last weekend to stay with friends and see the musical, Billy Elliot, with some other friends in Charlotte.  The musical was awesome and if you get the chance you should go see it.  It was a great weekend all around.  It was also our second time to leave our animals in the care of -I'll call her Geraldine (since I haven't asked her permission to blog about her).  I'm not sure how or when we met Geraldine but she's become a good friend in the past few years.  She and I worked the polls together so I guess that's one way I've gotten to know her better.  One of the things I like best about her is she cracks me up, probably without even trying to. 

One day at the polls I asked her what she was eating.  She said, "you probably don't want to know".  It was something like raccoon or groundhog.  I forget what it was, but it was something I'd never eaten.  It didn't shock me though because it was Geraldine.  Did I mention she's full of energy and adventurous?  She's also a recycler like no recycler you've ever met.  I'll bet nothing goes to waste at her house.  One day I got an email from her with a picture of a vase with a beautiful arrangement in it.  With closer inspection I saw it was full of yellow chicken feet.  Seriously, it was pretty and funny and oh, so Geraldine.  I thought she found the picture on the internet or something because it was around Halloween.  I asked her where she found it.  Silly me, they were her chicken's feet.  Of course they were. 

Yeah, she cracks me up but what I like best about her is she's a sincerely kind and trustworthy person that's why I trust her with our home and animals.  While we were gone at Christmas she sent me at least 3 emails telling me everything was fine on the homestead and what the animals were doing.  She did it again this weekend.  When we got home she told us the goats got out of their barn and she found them wandering in the lawn because she must not have latched the door right.  They followed her back in when she coaxed them.  Many people wouldn't tell you things like that.  They'd figure we didn't need to know since all turned out ok.  I appreciated her honesty.  Besides it could happen to anyone.  Goats don't usually roam far anyway. 

Two weeks after we returned from our trip to PA for Christmas I opened our basement refrigerator and smelled something not so sweet smelling.  There was a garbage bag on the bottom shelf.  I peeked in but didn't know what I was looking at.  It was big, white and flat.  Did I leave a turkey in the fridge?  No, it was too flat. 

"Hello Geraldine?  Did you leave your bear fat in our refrigerator?" 
"Oh, did I leave that there?"
Marilyn wants me to be sure to tell you she wasn't the one who killed the bear.  Oops, I mean Geraldine.

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