Thursday, October 21, 2010

Our new greenhouse

Isn't it nice?
A local nursery was going out of business and 2 friends told us the greenhouse was for sale.  Our anniversary was last week so we drove into Lexington to have lunch.  We decided to swing by and see the greenhouse while we were there.  It's 21 by 24 feet.  James asked me what we'd do with it.  I said I don't know but it will be fun.  So we bought it.   

Today we met the sellers and helped them take it down so we could see how it went together.  I wonder how much of it we'll remember as we reassemble it.  I took pictures of it here and there, hoping it would remind me of how joints met etc.
It took most of the afternoon to take it down and I have a feeling it's going to take all of a day or two (or ????) to get it back together.  I sure am glad we have friends visiting us the end of this month so they can help us put it together.  I can't remember if we mentioned to them we'd need their help or not.

The sellers asked us what we were going to grow in it.  That's a question for James.  They also asked if we would be at the farmer's market next year.  Maybe.

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  1. Looks great!!! Want to borrow a transit? Then you can just do a few blocks like they did. Maybe you have one. IF you don't get it done this weekend maybe John and I could both help on Mon.