Thursday, October 7, 2010

Are you paying attention?

Sometimes I check the clock but don't register what time it was so I have to look again.  I just did the same thing with the 10 day weather forecast.  I looked at it then had to go back and look again.  I'm forever finding my coffee cup in very strange places and I don't remember carrying it out there.  On Saturday 3 of us drove to a farm.  First we missed our exit because we were talking.   This took us way out of our way.  You would think we would have been more attentive after that but we weren't.  We missed another turn.  We were 40 minutes late.

Yesterday I came across 2 videos posted on the NPR Science Friday website.  The program was about how we pay attention.  Before you listen to the show they want you to watch these 2 videos.  They're very short so I did it.  I then took my computer upstairs to have James watch them to see if he paid better attention than I.  He didn't.  That made me feel better but I don't know why.   I didn't listen to the whole program but found the beginning interesting.  The speaker said none of us are really good at multi-tasking and those who think they are probably aren't really doing 2 things at once.  They're skipping back and forth between 2 or more things.  After watching these videos it's very clear why people shouldn't talk on the phone while they're driving.   Watch them.  See if you're more attentive than we were.

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