Sunday, October 24, 2010

An ad on Freecycle

Someone posted this ad (a "need" ad) on a month or two back and I saved it for some reason.  I thought it was funny and interesting.

i need a frezzer if anyone has one they want to get rid of, i would be happy to take it off your hands.dont matter if it`s unright are chest.
thank you, Linda

My first thought was, that's funny.  My second was, did she not proofread her ad or is she really that bad of a speller?  I'm used to bad grammar and rarely think too much about things like, "it don't matter", writing everything in lower case and leaving out punctuation, thanks to the internet and texting.  It just seems to me she would have at least gotten the thing she was looking for spelled right, that is, unless there is such a thing as a frezzer and I never heard of it. 

To post this ad the requester had to have access to a computer and know how to use it and the internet.  She also had to know how to sign up for Freecycle which I've known some of my smart friends to struggle with.  Maybe English is not this person's first language or they were in a hurry or lazy.  Whatever the reason I hope she posts more ads. 

There is probably someone out there in blog land laughing about my writing skills too.  Enjoy.  I wonder if Linda has a blog.


  1. I've also encountered this type of writing, and it typically indicates that the writer is spelling for pronunciation rather than correctness. The way to tell would be to get a larger sample of the writer's work and compare (does she use "are" instead of "or" consistently?). I had a student who consistently wrote "after" instead of "have to" - "after" sounds similar to "havta," a more regional pronunciation of "have to," and so "after" seemed to make more sense to her than "have to." Odd, I know, but language is pretty weird anyway. What's even more interesting to me is that I know exactly what the person is advertising for even though the spelling is incorrect - and I'm sure you could read it just fine as well!

  2. You're right, Lindsay. I'm guessing she used "are" for "or" because that's how she says it. I've never heard someone writing "after" for "hafta" but that's another good one. One thing I see all the time is, "I should of done ....". Most of us say it like "should've" or "shoulda". Maybe people don't hear it as "should have" so they don't write that.

  3. Gv m a frezr, wl ya? Lf s to shrt nt t ak fr wt yu rely wt.

  4. i have an unright frezzer she kood have if she kood get to Salzberry!

  5. I say give Linda a break ! It is quite evident that she has had too much too drink... and haven't we all been there? We just didn't post on freecycle at the time.

    Gail L.

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