Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I've lost it

in more ways than one.

Yesterday I was removing old glazing from a window and broke one of the panes.  No big deal, I still have one or 2 more I can put in.  I put them with the glazing points.  Now if only I knew where they were.  I've searched every place I can think of, twice even.  James has also spent some time looking for them.  He says I hid them real well.

Glass and glazing points are cheap but it still bothered me to have to buy more, which I did.  I thought maybe if I bought more they'd turn up.  They haven't yet.

Last night we slept with that pane missing and I wondered if we'd find a bird or bat or something in our house this morning but we didn't.   I want to replace 2 other panes that are really scratched.  I had to decide if I wanted scratched panes that were the old wobbly glass, which I love, or have new ones with no character but we could see out better.  I'm gong with the new.  I better get to work.

I hired someone today to do our 6 upstairs windows.  A neighbor of ours was in the hospital this weekend after falling off his roof.  I think I'll stick with the lower level.  I can't trust myself to remember I'm standing on a roof and not the ground.

Edit:  I posted this 15 minutes ago and since then have found the panes and points in a very logical place - right behind the apples in the downstairs kitchen.

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  1. You sent out a request to the universe by blogging about what you were missing and it came back with a reply. Isn't it nice when the universe is paying attention to us.