Thursday, September 16, 2010

Breeding season - it isn't pretty

Remember when I posted Shamus' handsome face a while back?  You know, this cute, little, innocent guy.
This is what he looks like now.
Here's Witty before the girls were in heat.
Ok, well maybe his beard was just a little urine stained then too but nothing like it is today.
This is what Witty does almost all day.  The other boys better watch out if they go near Witty's girls.  He'll clobber them.  This is the G-rated video.  Believe me, his behavior isn't always meant for all viewers.

This afternoon I put more fence staples in the boy's fence and added some zip ties to the girl's.  I don't want any unplanned pregnancies.  The whole time I was in with the guys Witty or Shamus was rubbing his stink all over me.  I feel bad that I don't want to touch them but if I could post the smell on this blog you'd understand.  The breeding will begin in October so our first babies will be born in March.  Maybe after all the girls are bred I'll give Witty and Shamus a bath.

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