Sunday, September 5, 2010

I'm a slow learner

Every morning Luti is the first to be milked.  All the goats know it and no one fights for her place.  Things are a little chaotic trying to get everyone in their place and their food bowls filled but that's no excuse for me forgetting to lock the food stall after I'm done in there.  I mean, it's the same routine every morning.

As soon as Luti is done being milked I let her out of the stall and one of the others squeezes in for their turn.  My attention is turned toward them.  It doesn't take long till I realize my mistake.  I hear lots of crashing around 2 stalls down.  Luti has let herself into the food stall and is rooting around for some hay or fallen grain.  She can open the latch in a second.  Today I let her out of the milking stall and followed her with the camera.  Note the carabiner dangling there that isn't where it belongs.

All the noise in the background is Pessa screaming at the others because it was her turn to be milked and the others were in the stall with her because I forgot to close that door when I was following Luti getting my video.

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