Sunday, February 23, 2014

Upcycling ideas for the dream space

James and I like to dream about building a barn/music studio/office in our field.  We'd love to have his piano there instead of at the cabin, which is 4 miles away so he doesn't play it as often as he or I would like.  Like planning a vacation, dreaming about it is half the fun.

The music studio would be a place to have parties, entertain and for James to practice with friends.  This would be the perfect place for these I ideas I saw today.  But where would I find 2 free grand pianos to make into these?
Now this next one we have and I could easily build, but whether James would let me use it is another story.
Here's a place he could store his music.  We have a really cool old wooden ladder in our wood shed that would be perfect for this.
You can't have too much lighting and these would be pretty hanging over the piano, don't you think?

Here's the website I saw these on  There are some other cool ideas on there you may find interesting.  I'll probably still be blogging about this dream space 10 years from now but that's ok.  That's more time to come up with neat ideas....  And change my mind about what I want.

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