Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Great Pyrenees and baby goats

Our Great Pyrenees, Keri, will be 3 years old in April.  For the past two kidding seasons I haven't let her get close to the babies for a few days, and only then very closely supervised.  I was afraid she'd get too excited by their smell (afterbirth and all that) and hurt them.  She was just too excitable.  This past year she has grown very attached to the mothers-to-be and I think I'm going to let her watch the births or at least be nearby and meet the babies as soon as the other goats do.  She has formed the bond I'd hoped she would with the goats and I'd like to think she'll understand the babies are part of her herd.  It makes me very happy to see how close she is to the goats and how protective she is of them.

My friend Mollie's pig had babies 2 nights ago.  Her 2 dogs stood watch over them.  I love this picture of them on guard.
This is what I hope to see this March and April.

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  1. Love this post. What a good girl! Phyllis