Sunday, February 2, 2014


Ground hog, be damned.  The last 2 days made me feel like spring is right around the corner, with the thermometer hovering around 60 degrees.  To look at the animals you'd have thought it was 90.  Every time I filled the pig water trough Roxie would either bite and spill it or she'd flop right on top it to have a bath.  I sprayed her with the hose and she was pretty pleased with that.

By mid afternoon the goats and donkeys were hanging out in any shade they could find.  Remember, it was only 60 degrees.   The pigs, with little hair, were sunbathing.

I opened up Raisa's fence so she'd have access to the same pasture as Willo and Jaz (big donkeys).  They've been watching each other over her electric ribbon ever since she got here but I had no idea how they'd get along without that ribbon between them.  They seemed cautious and curious but they all seem to be happy with the arrangement.  This morning when I went out to milk, all 3 of them were grazing together.  Raisa keeps her eye on them when they're nearby but I'm not sure if it's because they make her nervous or because she finds them interesting.  I'm pretty sure Jaz would love to sniff Raisa but she's not quite ready for that.

I'd been wondering if she was lonely being all by herself all the time.  Whenever I visited with her she'd come running and when she realized I had no food for her she wanted a head scratch.  She seems even a little more demanding of attention now that the donkeys are on her turf.  Jealousy, maybe.  I love the way she follows me like the donkeys, goats and pigs do.

To give you an idea how the ground has thawed check out this rooster's feet.

Why can't it last????????  I don't want to go back into my hole.

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