Monday, February 17, 2014

Cats and dogs

Word must have gotten out that we accept strays at our farm.  Last week a little gray kitty showed up here.  It's not unusual to see a cat roaming around but the one we're used to is a white and brown feral cat who is afraid of us.  We assume he's here for the mice.  It would be nice if he'd get rid of the moles and voles who are wreaking havoc on our yard and green house.   This grey kitty, who has no name as of yet (except grey kitty), is a friendly, purring, persistent thing who wants lots of attention.  Often we can hear her from inside the house, meowing at the back door.  It's hard to walk in the driveway without her falling down on her back in front of your feet.  Ignoring her is nearly impossible.  She's everywhere.  Seriously, everywhere.  If I'm in the goat barn, she's there.  This afternoon I opened the truck door and she didn't ask permission to enter.
Baxter thinks she'd be great fun to play with but she hisses at him and stays just out of reach.
Baxter continues to be a delightful little dog.  He's funny and cuddly and has fit in very easily.  He has a flaw though.  Much like the meowing, in-the-way kitty, he does something that can't be ignored, and this is one of the reasons he sleeps in a crate downstairs in the dining room at night, while Lex sleeps on the floor of our bedroom upstairs.


  1. He would fit right in at our house!!

  2. That's hilarious (and makes me want to sleep!)