Saturday, February 26, 2011

If you want to feel loved on your birthday sign up for Facebook

For those of you who aren't on Facebook, there's a place on your home page that tells you whose birthday it is every day (from your friends list).  I wish my email address book did that for me.  I love this feature.  Today I especially loved it because I got over 50 birthday wishes.  I doubt 50 people ever knew it was my birthday before I signed up for Facebook.  I know you're probably thinking, who cares, these are people you went to high school with, old neighbors, church friends or aunts, uncles and cousins you haven't seen in years.  I actually think that's special.  I have lots of cousins, aunts and uncles.  My parents are from families of 10 and 12 so we have lost touch over the years.  Now we read about what each other are doing and say happy birthday to each other.  It's just a little way we can feel a connection over the miles and years.  I appreciated all the Happy Birthdays today, thanks.

It was a perfect day.  James and I went to a salvage yard to look at old rusty gates/fencing trying to decide what we might make into some garden gates.  We didn't buy anything but it was fun getting ideas.  We had lunch at Panera Bread Co. then stopped at some friend's house unannounced and visited a bit.  James baked me (ok, us) some chocolate chip cookies instead of a cake because cookies are my favorite dessert.

My birthday present? 
In another month I'll be posting pictures of cute little chicks.  Hopefully this week I'll be posting pictures of baby goats. 


  1. You get really nice birthday presents like I do. One year I got a water tank from a salvage yard. A couple of years ago I got a solar fence charger. You know -- Good Stuff. Happy Birthday

  2. I agree about Facebook! I love keeping in touch with long lost relatives. Some of whom I've never even met. And I was shocked the first year about the birthday wall. It made me feel so good.
    Katie wants an incubator for her birthday this year. I had told her that's a weird birthday wish, so now I have to recant my statement. Surely if you got one, it can't be weird.