Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Discussions on the goat forum

 I've mentioned many times how I'm part of a goat forum.  I look at it every day.  For those of you who might find it interesting, here's a link to the Homesteading Today Goat Forum

I have learned so much from this group and there is almost always someone viewing so you can get a quick answer if you need one.  Also, many of the people on there who have been raising goats for years will give you their phone number in case of an emergency.  It's a friendly group who shares a passion for goats, mostly dairy.

This time of year is one of the most fun and possibly disturbing times of year to be reading the forum.  Fun because people are posting pictures of baby goats since it's kidding season.  Disturbing because people post some pretty horrible kidding experiences.  Many pictures are posted that would gross a non-goat person out.  Then there are the baby pictures.  No one can get enough of them.  There's a rule on this forum, if you tell about a birth we don't believe it happened unless you post pictures.

The neat thing about this group is that you can ask a question as a newcomer that has been asked a thousand times but the oldtimers still answer it.  No question is stupid.   Today I got a good laugh at one of the questions.  Most of the people in the group (not all, but a very large percentage) are women.  Someone asked how you can tell if a goat is pregnant.  I answered, "late in the pregnancy she may begin to develop an udder and her vulva will become swollen".  The person wrote back, "what is a vulva, or do I not want to know?"  I have to wonder if this is a man, woman or child who asked this question.   If you go to the forum you can follow the replies to this.    The original post (thread) is, How doas a pregnant goat look like.

This is a blog posting that only I (or other goat people) will find interesting.  That's why there are forums, for people of the same minds to gather when no one else may understand or care.  Homesteading Today has many different forums to follow.  You might find one that suits you.

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