Friday, February 11, 2011

Goat Spa days

I'm sure my girls didn't think it felt like spa day yesterday but I like to call it that.  Since most of my girls are due to kid within the month I gave them their CD&T vaccines.  This prevents 3 different clostridial diseases - tetanus, overeating disease and some other bacterial disease.  The babies will get this through their mothers, that's why it is done the last month of pregnancy.  The goats don't even act like they feel this shot.  After their vaccines  we shaved their backsides and udders so it stays relatively clean during kidding.  Also, it gives me a good look at their udders and makes it easier to milk without pulling hairs when the time comes.  It was exciting to see the udders developing on the first timers.  I sat out with them for a few hours just watching them all and trying to feel for babies kicks.  Not long now.

Today they all get manicures.  I always feel so good after their hooves are trimmed.  I wonder if they do.

Even though they protest a bit, I really think they like their spa days because afterward they are all cuddly and fighting for my attention.

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