Friday, February 25, 2011

Gotta feelin' 48 is gonna be a good year

Remember that song 1921 by The Who from the movie Tommy (Pinball Wizard)?  I love that whole soundtrack.  I wish there was a way to post music playing in the background of the blog but I haven't figured a way to do that yet.  Here's a link to a recording of it in case you like the song too.  The lyrics begin -

Got a feeling '21
Is going to be a good year,
Especially if you and me
See it in together.

Of course the song gets more depressing as you listen farther because the boy becomes deaf, dumb and blind after seeing a murder.  Ok, so forget that part.

Anyway, that song popped into my head today after getting a phone call from an old friend.  He called to wish me happy birthday.  Tomorrow I turn 48.  He and I usually only talk once or twice a year, on our birthdays.  That's when we catch up.  He's 68.  We talked about what the best years of our life are.  I told him I like the age I am now and he proceeded to tell me the best years are from ages 45 to 65.  I've heard this before so I'm glad to know I have 17 more really good years left.  He sounded really happy so I'll assume 68 isn't so bad either. 

I love birthdays, always have.  They're kind of like New Year's day.  I feel hopeful for what's to come.  I hope I still feel that way when I turn 66. 


  1. Happy Birthday! I hope your friend is correct.

  2. When was your last not-so-great year? Can't remember, I bet! You're blessed, my dear friend, and I'm blessed just knowing you! Happy birthday! May this year be the best yet!

  3. Happy Birthday Karen!! I hope it is a wonderful one for you. When I was a kid, my dad took my sister and I to see that play. I don't really remember a whole lot about it other than this kid playing a pinball machine, and why in the world had our dad brought us to watch this? Haha, funny the things you remember. I bet you will have some busy days coming your way! I can't wait to see the babies! Take care!