Friday, November 12, 2010

Mixed feelings about hunting season

I've heard lots of gun shots lately so I'm guessing deer hunting season has begun.  Yesterday a friend and I hiked the Devil's Marbleyard and when we reached the base of the trail I realized we forgot orange vests.  We improvised.  Susan found a yellow bag in her van and tied it to her backpack.  I knew the woman who lived across the street from the trail so I asked her if she could loan me something orange to wear.  She found a sweatshirt for me and I tied it around my neck.

Tomorrow James is doing a 22 mile training run with some others who are running the Hellgate 100.  He has his orange vest ready to go.   I'm glad.  I recently read about 2 people whose dogs were shot by hunters.  I don't understand why people shoot without knowing exactly what they're shooting at.    Guns make me nervous but that doesn't mean I dislike hunters. I appreciate the venison our friends give us.  If any of you hunter-friends are reading this and have extra meat I'm sure I can find room in our freezer for some.

Please be careful out there.

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