Saturday, November 13, 2010

Meeting neighbors

Today I went for a walk because it was such a beautiful day.  I planned to walk a few miles and then stop to visit some friends/neighbors I haven't seen in a while.  After just half a mile Danny (another friend) drove by me in his truck.  He didn't realize it was me until he was already past so he called me from his cell and gave me a hard time about something, as good friends do.  Then he said for me to stop at their house and visit his wife, Kathy, if I had a chance.  I wanted to finish my walk first and wasn't sure if I wanted to make 2 visits today because I'd never get anything done.  I didn't stop to visit her.  I went on to the other couple's house as I had originally planned.  While there they took me across the street to meet another neighbor who lives just across the creek from us but I'd never taken the time to introduce myself to.  I thought she and I would have some things in common because she has goats, dogs and chickens.  We got to know each other a little and I really enjoyed the conversation.  She's lived there a year and a half and I'd never even seen her.  She says she hasn't met many neighbors but that it's her fault because she's not a very social person and she usually stays in her house or back yard.  I'm hoping she'll stop by to visit sometime like she said she will.

When James got back from his run a little while later we went for another walk, this time to visit Kathy since I didn't stop there earlier.  Once again her husband was driving our way but this time he stopped to talk.  He told us their 58 (?) year old neighbor died today.  Someone found him lying in front of his car in his driveway where it appeared he had been for hours.  Had I turned right to visit Kathy this morning on my first walk I probably would have seen him lying there.  He only lived 1/2 a mile from us but I didn't know him, but then neither did Danny and Kathy and their property abuts his and they sold him the house.  It seems really unusual for Danny not to know this person because he knows everyone in the area, it seems. 

I wonder if the dead man knew more of his neighbors would they have looked his way as they drove past his house.  I think I'll continue to meet my neighbors.  Who knows, maybe it could save my life.

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  1. It is funny. You hear how in the old days everybody knew their neighbors. I thought it was just living in the city that keeps people isolated. But I guess it is the times and not the place. I should make an effort to meet more of my neighbors as well.