Sunday, November 28, 2010

Donkeys on the loose

Since I let the boys and girls out to roam the yard yesterday and today I thought it only fair to let Chy and Shiloh have their chance too.  I assumed when it was time to get them back in the fence they'd follow me with my bowl of sunflower seeds back to their barn.  Apparently the dark green grass and freedom won out over sunflower seeds.  They stayed out for more than 2 1/2 hours and only returned when they were ready.  Everyone is looking fat and happy tonight.  Shiloh was especially excited with his new found freedom. 

It started to get cold as the sun set so I left them out there alone.  Every now and then I'd look out a window to see where they were.  I looked out the front dining room window and there was Shiloh jumping on his mom's back.  It looks like he was doing something else but actually he was over her side.  He does that a lot.  Sometimes she walks with him like that and it's so funny to watch him walk sideways.
A while later I looked out again to find them by the outdoor kitchen.
Each time I looked out a window and didn't see them my heart would sink just a little.  I only had to look out another window to find them.  Like the side dining room window
The kitchen window.
After awhile it became funny.  Here's a look out the living room window.  Please ignore the dying orchids in the foreground.
And then here's the view out my den window that I see from my desk.
The sidelight of our front door.

The only place they didn't venture was our garden.  Most of their time was spent above the orchard.

Where the goats also loved exploring.  Or down below where Shiloh was running.
As you can see, I love my donkeys even though they have minds of their own. 

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  1. How funny! Looks like they were enjoying their new play ground! Emily~