Sunday, May 23, 2010

Moved by music

If you ever hear that the group Notorious is going to be in your area I highly recommend you go see them.  James and I heard them (I should say experienced them) last night for the first time.  I'm not exaggerating when I say that they brought tears to my eyes 2 or 3 times.  One song was about a Romanian bride who had to move far from her family to live with her new husband's family, never to see hers again.  Even though she sang this in a foreign language I still cried.  At other times during the evening I felt like laughing because her playing was ridiculously amazing.  Eden MacAdam-Somer plays the fiddle/violin and viola, sings and flat-foots and you can't take your eyes off of her even though her partner, Larry Unger, on guitar and banjo is also nothing short of amazing.  They didn't play just one style of music either.  We heard Romanian gypsy music, Appalachian music, waltz and classical.  Several pieces were their own compositions.  They wowed us with every style.

This was a house concert and if people knew how good this couple was I'm sure the house would have been packed.  Next time we'll invite friends.   It's not uncommon to go to someone's home and hear incredible music here in Rockbridge County.  This is the most musical place we've ever lived, whether it be an organized concert or people just showing up to a party with their instrument.  On June 11th this same couple that hosted the concert last night will have hundreds of people pass through their house to hear local musicians as they play or sing for 10 to 20 minutes each.  It begins around 5 PM and goes till the early morning hours.  Anyone can sign up to perform.  Again, the music runs the gamut.  We'll hear anything from barbershop, pop, classical, bluegrass, rock, folk, you name it.  They do this twice a year and we rarely miss one of these gatherings.

James enjoyed last night's performance as much as I did, so much that he also blogged about it.    James and I have very different tastes in music so it's really fun when both of us equally enjoy a concert.

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  1. Karen, I haven't commented for awhile, but I read you blogs every day or at least catch up several times a week. I am never disappointed. Thanks for the entertainment and information. Gail