Saturday, May 22, 2010

Got Milk?

When our son was 10 he fell off his bike and punctured his intestine.  He spent a week in a children's hospital.  The hospital asked Adam if he would write about his experience falling off the bike and what he could have done differently to prevent the accident.  They were going to use these stories to make a book to give out to new patients.  One of the stories in the book was written by a high school football player.  He had broken his leg on the football field once and then later he was just walking and his other leg broke.  The doctors said his bones were so weak and brittle because all he drank was soda.  No milk, water or anything else, just soda.  We used to repeat this story to our son thinking it would make him want to drink more milk.  It wasn't until recently that he decided milk might make him stronger and healthier or maybe he just cares more now.  Whatever the reason, I'm glad he's drinking more milk, especially because we have so much of it.   I've even heard him telling his friends the benefit of raw goat's milk. 

Today I came across this "Got Milk?" commercial that was banned from TV.  It reminded me of the football player's story.

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  1. I watched the banned milk commercial and got hooked watching all sorts of them. Very entertaining. I still love the ditty with the three women singing about potato salad the best! XO LO