Sunday, December 27, 2009

One of my Christmas gifts

This is one of my favorite Christmas gifts, a soap mold.  James made it for me using a big block of wood, a drill and a hole saw bit.  It worked so well.  I put vaseline around the edges of each mold before pouring the soap into it and once it was hardened it pushed right out.  You can see 3 other bars of soap I made using the bottom of some plastic containers, peanut butter, honey and a water bottle.  It was much harder getting the soap out of those molds.  I had to cut the plastic from the one that was made from a water bottle to get the soap out.  Looks like cheese doesn't it?  It's so orange because it's made with red palm oil (in addition to other oils) which is very orange.  It's also made with coconut oil.  The combination of the 2 is going to erase our wrinkles.  Maybe I should take a before picture, and then in a year, an after picture.  Of course there are always ways to erase fine lines on pictures using the computer.  I've learned that. Now it cures for at least 4 weeks before we can use it.


  1. Nice soap molds. You are loved. Reminds me of when I used to make candles using wine bottles for molds and then made a mold out of some kind of rubber product.
    I want to transform some of my soap base into nice soap.

  2. Mary Pannabecker SteinerDecember 30, 2009 at 9:39 AM

    It's one of MY favorite Christmas gifts too! I think of you every time I take a shower. the sage.