Friday, December 11, 2009

Someone please tell me what's wrong with me.

Ok, that should get a few comments.  Seriously, I can't figure out why most people we know seem to enjoy hanging Christmas decorations and I have no desire to hang even a stocking.  There's probably not a room in my parent's house that doesn't have lights or decorations in it.  I didn't get that gene from them I guess.  I also didn't get the house cleaning gene from them, but that's for another blog entry.  I have happy memories of Christmas as a child.  I couldn't wait to pick out a tree and help decorate it.  I loved all the lights, especially those big outdoor bulbs we used to use.  Our front door was sometimes covered in a foil wrapping paper with a bow or wreath on it.  My mom baked lots of Christmas cookies and mailed cards.  The cards they received they hung on the door.  There was Christmas everywhere.  One day when my son is my age will he be keeping a blog (or whatever people will do then) and tell of his Christmas-less house growing up?  When he's married and has kids and they go all out during the holiday, will he tell his kids, "Grandma never decorated our house"?  I used to decorate but I'm not sure if he'd remember that since it's been so long.  Last year since our house repairs were about done I asked him if we should put a tree up.  He said, "no, it's just one more thing to clean up".  YES, EXACTLY!  I'm afraid I've turned him into me.

I do love Christmas though.  I love singing Christmas carols and getting together with family and friends.  I like making my own presents.  I have no idea if the recipients like them all that much, but hey, it's the thought that counts, right?  Today I'm working on some presents but I won't say what they are.


  1. Karen, nothing is wrong with you. I decorate less and less and this year not at all. I haven't had a tree since I got the cats 7 years ago. I think decorating is for young children and I'm sure that when I have grandkids (if I ever have grandkids) I will get into the Christmas spirit again. Until then it just isn't worth the getting everything out and putting it away a few weeks later.

  2. Thanks Gail. I'm glad to hear you feel the same. I think you're right about doing it when we have grandkids. Easy to say now since I have none. I'm having company for dinner tonight and I'm not even putting on my Christmas table cloth.

  3. Gail's so right. I was starting to wonder if something was wrong with me that I don't have lights and "stuff" everywhere. We did put lights on our Norfolk pine and on one of the big hanging plants we got for Anne's wedding. They look very pretty. I also hung stockings because I love putting little things in them to surprise Fred and the girls (who aren't here to enjoy them yet). There's a wreath on the door and that's it. Lindsay surprised me -- she and Eric cut their own tree -- a HUGE one. Anne's more worried about Penny and Casio eating a tree. They'll eat anything.