Saturday, February 27, 2016

Rex's new piglets

Today I went to pick up two 3 1/2 month old Ossabaw Island/Large Black cross piglets.  I'm used to
friendly, cute little floppy eared Gloucestershire Old Spot piglets but these are not friendly (yet), nor
cute.  I sold Mickey and Wendell, my breeding pair of GOS hogs, 4 months ago to a sweet young couple who are now on piglet watch.  I'm jealous, to be honest.  I had decided I didn't want to raise
pigs through the winter anymore and would just buy 2 piglets each spring and then butcher them in the fall.  Newborn piglets are so cute but for now I'll just have to look at pictures of other peoples' babies.  It helps that I have goat kids due any day now.  I need a baby fix.

When I put the 2 new piglets in the pasture Rex was there to welcome them.  Nothing like a 100 lb
Great Pyrenees chasing you to put you at ease.  Poor little guys didn't know what to do.  They ran and Rex chased.  I was afraid they'd have heart attacks.  He never hurt them but he's very bouncy and fast and much bigger than they are so it seems they'd be scared to death.  There wasn't much I could do  so I left them alone for about 30 minutes then went back to check on them.  I was happy to see they're no longer afraid of Rex and are doing their own fair share of chasing, which Rex loves.
 I never did get a close up picture of them.

I did, however, get many pictures of their adorable 8 month old miniature hereford.  Oh my goodness was he cute.

This picture shows you how small he really is.
I wish I could have brought him home in the truck cab with me.  


  1. This ginger miniature Hereford is truly so cute! If I had the same at home I would treat him like a kitty:)