Saturday, February 13, 2016

Incredible Eggs

I think I have 23 chickens - 20 hens and 3 roosters.  I'm not positive.  I'll count them tonight when I tuck them in.  This has been the laying-est winter we've ever had.  Today we got 16 eggs! We could eat eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner and still not keep up.  We have some neighbors and friends who occasionally take some off our hands.  One of these generous friends made me this amazing egg basket with her own two hands.  Impressive, isn't it?
I don't think I used it for a month because it was too clean and I thought of it as a piece of art (which it is) instead of a useful farm tool.  I decided it was silly to let it sit there collecting dust and I was pretty sure Sally wanted me to use it so I am and I love it.

My friend, Lindy, gave me this egg basket a few years ago.  I didn't think I had a use for it at that time either.
I keep this basket on a shelf on the back porch and use it when I'm outside and decide to gather eggs. I use the woven basket when I think of gathering eggs when I'm inside.

When I gather eggs I always say, "thanks for the eggs, girls".  I wonder if they understand me.

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  1. Wow! In my opinion 16 eggs from 20 hens are a lot! Your hens are doing a great job!