Monday, February 22, 2016

For my friend Ruth

What do others know of our time together?  It's ours only, and something I've always cherished, but more so now than ever.  We share something only women-friends can share.  Our husbands wouldn't get it, nor would they care to.  

"I need new fireplace doors", you say.  I do a Google search and we get excited because we find a resource.  

"I'm trying to come up with a good idea for a headboard for our new bedroom", I say.  You have ideas galore.  

Food?  Recipes?  Wine?  We've spent many hours talking about, tasting, drinking.  It's intoxicating in a very good way.  

How did we first meet?  Did you call me?  You had a stress fracture in your foot - we walked - you didn't sweat.  I did.  I probably made you uncomfortable but somehow we quickly became friends.  Not long after we also became neighbors.  You told me my dish towels were dirty and bought me new ones.  I learned early on not to be offended.  You loved me and wanted to give me things.  That's who you are.  You're a giver, you want to make people happy.  My bedspread and drapes you made us make me very happy.  I know there are probably more than 20 other people who have curtains, bedspreads and shower curtains you made them and are equally as grateful as I am.

When I re-do my countertops, or change the wax gasket beneath my toilet, or sew pillow cases, etc,
I think of you, Ruth.  So many things we share. 

I can't grasp this idea of you being sick.  It makes my heart sick.  I need and pray for you to get well.

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