Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ready - set - not so fast

Once things thawed this morning I was ready to get to work.  I was really hoping to get all my barn posts in the ground and plumb today - maybe even set in concrete.  Alas, this was not meant to be.  Remember how impressed I was with myself being able to call in my order to Lowes for lumber?  I'm now thinking it might be better to place the order face to face with a sales person.  Instead of 4 ten feet long 4x4s and 7 twelve feet long 4x4s, they delivered 11 ten feet long ones.

Trying to stay positive, I loaded up the ones to return and drug Lex along with me for the drive to town.  He doesn't like riding in the truck because the seat is slippery and he's worried he's going to fall.  I made him go with me because I wanted company.  I bribed him like a child.  "If you come with me I'll buy you a treat at Tractor Supply".  

A friendly young salesman in the lumber department asked if he could help me as soon as I walked in the door.  I explained to him how I didn't get what I ordered and would like to trade the 10' long boards for the 12s.  He looked confused and told me I should talk to someone in Customer Service.  A smiling young woman greeted me at the customer service desk, appearing eager to help me until I told her what I needed.  She pointed me in the direction of Returns where I was told (yup, you guessed it), ah yes, the Lumber Department can help me.  Why didn't I think of that?

The not-as-friendly-this-time lumber salesman saw me coming and had that oh-no-she's-coming-back look on his face.  In my most patient voice I made it clear to him and the cashier that they were going to help me and that this was not a big deal.  The salesman went to my truck and retrieved the unwanted boards while the cashier told me he needed the number off them so he could refund my money and then charge me for the new ones.  I explained that I had paid for the longer ones and not the short ones so there should be no money involved.  It took a very long time for this to get through his head.  The man behind me in line stood smiling and it was clear he understood completely.  I told the cashier to look up the order on the computer so he could see that I had paid for them.  He said he didn't know how to do this and he trusted me and it would be easiest if I just took my boards and left the store and never return.  Ok, he didn't say "never return" but he did admit it was easier to turn his head and pretend this didn't happen.  Really, I had no idea this would be such a big deal. 

I returned to the truck with my beautiful (if not perfectly straight) 12 feet long 4x4s in the back and a panting Lex waiting more patiently than I was behaving inside the store.  Actually, the whole time I was there I tried to smile and thank the Home Improvement team.  My voice may have betrayed my face though.

I grabbed what I needed at Tractor Supply and bought Lex his promised treat.  He didn't eat it till he got home because he was too nervous.  He did look very pleased with his bone when he could relax and enjoy it.  I finally got going at 3 PM and am pleased to report I got 7 of the 15 posts in and set in concrete.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day and I just know it's going to be more productive. 

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  1. I hate it when people are not familiar enough with the technology they use every day to actually accomplish their job. This is a failure on the part of management to train people as well as fear on the part of the employee to admit they don't understand. I'm glad you finally got your stuff and hope you ended up in the black, not the red.