Thursday, October 17, 2013

Life's short, buy the damn pony

One of my donkey/horse loving friends posted this on Facebook today.  It kind of fits in with lots of other things I've been reading and watching lately.  My latest read is The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin.  There's so much in this book that strikes a chord with me and poor James has to listen to me blather on about it.  Don't you hate when someone says, "listen to this", and proceeds to read something to you without you saying, "sure, go ahead"?  Yeah, that's me.  Of course, when it comes to reading my blog you can click that little "x" above and ignore what I have to say. 

One of the things Gretchen says (yes, we're on a first name basis now) is all of us have a happiness set point; kind of like our weight, which we hover around.  Some of us are naturally happy and some are naturally not-so-happy.  We have a range though.  We could be on the high end of our happiness
set point or the low end, so why not do things to boost yourself to the high end of your range?  That's what her goal is in her happiness project, finding ways to propel herself to the top of her happiness set point.  I find the book humorous and I identify with much of what she says.  It also makes me think about what makes me happy NOW.

Something else I watched today got me thinking on those same lines.   It was a commencement address given by comedian, Tim Minchin.  In his speech he says not to follow your dreams.  He was talking about long term dreams and how sometimes it's best to do what you're excited about at the moment, really enjoy it and maybe what's in your periphery will be just the thing that could be your real happiness.  Kind of a "live in the moment" message.  Do what makes you happy.

I have a friend who has been fighting cancer for 4 years.   Yesterday I spent some time with her after she had taken a fall.  She was feeling disoriented for the 30 minutes I was there but when I went to leave she said, "I enjoyed our visit".  She was being polite even though she felt like crap.  I don't know what that has to do with living in the moment but it sure gives me thought to making the Best of every moment. 

I'm trying to think of what pictures I can include in this blog posting, afterall, everyone loves a blog with photos, right?

Well, today I went to visit a friend and meet her Dexter cows, which I've been considering getting one or 2 of.  I fell in love with Raisa, a red cow who let me give her scratches and milk her.  I want to bring her home and make her part of our farm family.   Of course this means we have to build a shelter for her and we'll need more hay and to learn all about cows and, how will I keep up with all her milk and her babies and....................

Life's short,  buy the damn cow.


  1. Looking for your e-mail address . . . here's some info about Raisa.

    She is BCF SBAN Raisa. The BCF is the name of the farm in South Carolina where she was born (American Dexter Cattle Assn has simple standards). She was born on March 13, 2007 . . . so she is almost 7 years old. I've got an e-mail in to the farm in West Virginia where she went after she was born to ask about milking . . . but she has to have been milked!! Love it so much that you love her!!

  2. If she lets you scratch her and milk her it must mean she wants to live with you.
    Buy the bleep cow and I know a guy with a water buffalo that will surely let you milk her. We'll just call you the "milkin momma".
    Hey, just think a lot more ice cream next summer when I come to visit.