Thursday, October 10, 2013

I belong here

I had so looked forward to all our trips this past month.  James and I returned 2 nights ago from Arizona, where we attended a really fun wedding of our niece and her partner.  Congratulations, Kate and Brittany  (eventually all our friends and family will end up on my blog).  I love this picture.  I didn't notice the shoes at the wedding.

It was fun being with James' family and I never really felt homesick or worried about what was going on at home, but there was something missing......animals.

When we were in Vermont a month ago the B&B we stayed at had goats, mini horses and a llama.  The owner was also considering buying a mini donkey so she and I talked lots about that.  In the Outer Banks 2 weeks ago I had my grandpuppy, Maia, to keep me amused.  We did see some wildlife on a hike in Tucson but it wasn't exactly cuddly, cute or amusing like livestock and dogs.

In case you can't tell from the picture, this is a rattlesnake. 

Because I had no one to talk to about pigs, goats, donkeys or cows (I know I have no cows but I like to read about them), I found myself on the internet reading what others had to say about what's going on with their animals.  It's an addiction, I admit it. 

We've been home 2 days and it feels so good to be surrounded by our critters.  This morning in bed I thought I heard music - little snippets of it.  After some time I realized it was our roosters.  I mentioned this to James and he said he thought it was music too.  A short time later I heard the honk of my donkeys calling me to get up and feed them.  There was no mistake about what that noise was but it was still music to my ears. 


  1. My main complaint when visiting animal free destinations is wasting table scraps! I hate being in a city and having to scrape plates into the garbage. I feel like everyone should have at least a couple hens.
    I saw a Highland calf on Craigslist, btw :)

  2. We are really glad that you guys belong here. Welcome home.

  3. I missed you. I want to come visit next week. Welcome home.

  4. I wish you had had a chance to visit our house while you were here - you can definitely get your animal fix here! With our two cats and especially our two very social dogs! Maybe next time you're in town we can take them with us to Mt. Lemmon on a hike - my dogs turn into mountain goats when we put them on a mountain! It'd be a little more like home!