Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rest in peace, Foggy

This morning I found Foggy dead in his coop.  I'd like to think he died in his sleep of old age.  I had a feeling his days on earth were numbered because he had been sleeping later, standing in the sun for longer periods of time, his crow was weaker and 3 days ago I saw him lose his balance.  Yesterday seemed like a good day for him though.  I actually saw him mount a hen, which I hadn't seen him do in a very long time.  He crowed in answer to our other 2 roosters and seemed sturdy on his feet.  Yes, he was a little lazy but all the chickens seemed to be since it was a nice sunny day.  He loved hanging out in this roosterloo to sunbathe.

I cried as I buried him this morning in a proper grave.  He even has a headstone but that's mostly because Keri watched me bury him and I'm afraid she'll dig him up.  I will miss him, I really will.  I've never met a rooster as nice as Foggy.  If a rooster could be a gentleman, then that was him.

Goodbye Foggy.  It was an honor to know you.


  1. Sounds like Foggy had a nice long happy life. I love the pic of him in the roosterloo. :)

  2. Sorry to hear about Foggy. Youy honored him well.

  3. Poor Foggy. Cindy posted a picture of him on FB and I tagged you. It looks like the picture was taken in his prime. :)