Monday, March 5, 2012

Poppy's Triplets

Finally, some babies.  I've been reading about many of my friends' goats having babies and I was getting a little jealous. 

We woke up to snow on the ground and cold temperatures this morning.  I think we got 3 or 4 inches but most of it's gone now.  The snow stopped once Poppy's labor was in full force.  The first baby born was a boy and he was breach.  I had to pull him out.  The two girls followed quickly.  They're all very lively and took to nursing with no problem. 

Naming goats is fun.  This year I didn't really have names picked out.  I thought they'd just come to me.  Well, they didn't.  I did searches for names on the computer and said them out loud to Adam.  None of them stuck.  He said, "why don't you name them after my roommates?"  His roommates are all boys (Andrew, Sam and Corey) but I figured Sam and Corey could also be used for girls.   To make them a little more interesting I changed them just a little.  Each name could also be an herb or plant.

Meet Andrographis (Andrew).  Andrew has elf ears like his mom.  I think his coloring will lighten and he'll look much like her when he's grown.
This is his sister Sambuca, Sam for short.  Sambuca isn't an herb or plant but it's a liquer made from elderberry.  She's very colorful and has elf ears like mama and brother.
Every year Poppy has one gopher eared baby.  I love gopher ears therefore I love Coriander's (Cori) cute little head.  She looks much like Andrew except for the ears, pink nose and her coloring has more of an ashy tone.  I don't think she'll be gold like Poppy. 
Poppy seems very happy with them.  This is her 3rd time to kid.  The first time she had one, the second time she had 2 and then today, 3.  They're already trying to bounce.  I have to wait another week for more babies.  That's ok.  It gives me time to spoil these.


  1. Yay! Congrats!

    They. Are. So. CUTE!

  2. They are SO beautiful. Poppy looks so relaxed, unlike most moms of triplets. Congratulations to all.

  3. Love, love, LOVE them!! They are all so pretty. Poppy looks she is enjoying them as well. Can't wait to see more!! :)

  4. Oh my how cute they are! I can't wait for Celia to kid now. I'm so glad you have your own baby fix now.

  5. So beauiful! I saw your post in yahoo about Jimmy being the papa and I can see his face in Andrew (a little I think?) I am excited to see who arrives next. Also read your harrowing Velma the pig post... Glad that had a happy ending too! Phyllis

  6. Adorable! I have to wait until May for babies!