Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Remember Darla?

For those of you who followed my blog last spring you may remember how I shed many tears over Darla, her struggle with an abscess and our many trips to the vet.

Here it is a year later and Darla is as healthy as a horse and has kids of her own.  Yesterday she gave me two little doelings, Ruby and Remmy.  They're like little wind-up toys.  They found their bounce way faster than the large nubian babies.   They don't have to be as careful, I guess, because they don't have far to fall.  Ruby is the white and grey one and Remmy is black with a startling face.  Remmy is the more outgoing one so far.
One young boy who visited this weekend said he could sit and watch them all day long.  For those of you who can't do that, maybe you'll enjoy watching some videos.  They were taken this morning when Darla's kids were 15 hours old.  The other kids in the videos are around 3 days old.  Look at the difference in sizes and agility. 

When I went out in the barn this afternoon there was a real party going on.  Just about all the kids were awake and playing together.  It was fun to watch.

Small, medium and large.


  1. Someone has got to figure out how to collect energy from goat kids.

    Now the fun begins.

  2. What a great job you did with Darla and she has repaid you nicely! Isn't it fun to have bouncing babies around!