Friday, January 20, 2012

Interview with Cooper

Me:  Good afternoon Cooper.
Cooper:  Mmmmmmeeehhhhmmm
Me:  I was hoping you might share with the good people of Holes In My Jeans what it's like to be a buck living at Elk Cliff Farm.
Cooper:  It's good, bluh bluh bluh bluh, it's good.  (lots of tongue flapping going on)
Me:  What would you say is your favorite thing to do here?
Cooper:  Is this a family blog?
Me:  Yes, it is.
Cooper:  Well, then I guess I should skip to my second favorite thing to do, which is eat.  Um, then I'd say my next favorite thing to do is play.  There's this one giant tall-eared goat, named Wilson.  You know him.
Me:  Mm hmm, I do, but he's not a goat.  He's a donkey.
Cooper:  Whatever.  He's a lot of fun but he has top front teeth that can really hurt me.  You know we goats don't have top front teeth.
Me:  I know.  I wonder why that is. 
Cooper:  Today me 'n him were playin' and he got 'holda my leg and wouldn't let go.  I wouldn't stop pushing him with my head either so I think the match was a draw.  He's a cool goat.
Me:  Donkey.
Cooper:  Whatever.

Cooper:  There's a cute little girl, Tila, that follows me around lots too.  I think she likes me as a father figure though and I'm not interested in that role, if you know what I mean.
Me:  I'm pretty sure I do.  What about Jimmy, is he a good friend of yours?
Cooper:  Yeah, we're tight.  We spend lots of time together when you separate us from the girls for 6 or 7 months.  He's a pretty shy and quiet guy but when me 'n him go head to head we can make a bloody mess.  bluh, bluh, bluh, bluh, it's pretty fun.  We have contests to see who can smell the baddest.  I always win. 

Me:  Is there anything else you'd like to add that we might find interesting about you?
Cooper:  Yeah, I like to drink from hoses.
Me:  Well, I guess that's kind of interesting and unusual. 
Cooper:  Yup.  No one else here does it except that noisy dog.  Sometimes I put the hose in my mouth and can drink the water as fast as it comes out. 
Me:  I know you have things to do so I'll let you go.  Thank you for spending this time with me, even though I could have done without you chasing me. 
Cooper:  You like it.  All the girls do.
Me:  I'm sure you think that.  Take care, Cooper.
Cooper:  Mmmmmehhhmmmmm


  1. Very nice interview with a couple of handsome guys. I guess I'll have to have a nice chat with Phantom and Klangaroo today and see what they have been up to.

  2. how cuet. I love the water hose bit...we used to have a Brazilian Mastiff that loved water. I'll have to find the video and post it for you.

  3. Love the bit about how all the girls love being chased! What a randy little goat you have there!

  4. Indeed, he is randy.

    Carlee, I'll watch your blog for the video of your mastiff. I commented on one post of yours recently but when I went back it didn't appear. I'll have to try again.

  5. I think I saw at least one comment from you. All of mine are set so that I authorize them....

  6. Great interview. Better than Terry Gross.

  7. mary pannabecker steinerJanuary 23, 2012 at 10:21 AM

    We did a 15 minutes with Ike for the Icon. It was pretty funny. You get to know your animals so well that you can almost guess what they're thinking. Or maybe that's just what we imagine that they're thinking. Whatever...interview Keri. At least you know she'll have a one-word answer. Bark.
    Love you,

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