Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bark, bark, bark. Quiet Keri! Bark, bark, bark

As I sit at my desk our Great Pyrenees carries on with a constant woof, woof, woof....pause.... woof, woof, woof.  And on and on.  I've been bringing her in for an hour or so at night to let her get in a nap on the rug but inevitably she wants to go back out and BARK at intruders.  I feel very safe and sometimes a little tired of noise.

Things are good at Elk Cliff Farm, thanks to Keri and thanks to other things going very smoothly.  All is quiet on the goat front since everyone's pregnant.  The boys get to hang with the girls and donkeys and I'm not milking.  It's a very simple routine. 

I'm not breeding rabbits yet because I want to wait till it's a little warmer yet to introduce naked little bunnies into this world.  The rabbits are getting very friendly and I about trip over them every morning trying to feed and water them.  They're cute, much too cute to be meat rabbits.

The chickens are giving us 3 eggs a day and looking pretty in our lawn.  Isn't that what chickens are for, looking pretty?

And then there are pigs.  I really like these pigs, Velma and Roxie.  Why can't we keep them?  Oh, because they'll reach 700 lbs and not be able to walk, that's why:(  I'm glad I'm not a hog.  In the meantime, they're entertaining me and looking like very happy animals and that makes me happy.

After taking the 3 dogs for 6 laps around our field to wear them out (it's 10PM and Keri is still barking, so I guess we only wore ourselves out) James assisted me in saddling up Willo, the mammoth donkey.  I got a new saddle yesterday and was so excited to try it out, yet a little nervous because Willow is new to the idea of being a saddle donkey.  We tied the other 2 donkeys to a post so they wouldn't irritate Willo while we worked with her.  First James led her with me on her back.  I told him to take the lead off and let me guide her with the reins.  She took to it well and I'm still alive to tell about it.  She let me know when she was done humoring me so I called it quits while I was still somewhat in control - well, kind of.  She bucked a little to tell me she wanted no more of me being bossy.  I'm used to James giving me the same signals so I know when to back off.  I was very proud of her and the other two who stood so well and didn't complain. 

Bedtime.   Maybe when the lights are out Keri will stop barking.  She usually sleeps through the night, thank goodness.  I think I will too.

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  1. Good thing my chickens are prettier than yours because we only get 1 or 2 eggs a day.

    Sure is quiet over here. I think I need a dog.