Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lost Screech Owl

I was feeling lazy tonight and almost didn't go out to say goodnight to the goats and donkeys.  If I don't go out at night 4 of my chickens sleep in the goat barn and make a real mess of one of the stalls.   I decided it was worth getting up off my lazy butt and putting the filthy feathered, non-egg laying, spoiled birds in their coop where they belong.  I carry a little flashlight with me because my path isn't lighted.  I shined the light on the step of the barn and there was a clean feathered animal.  I quickly rushed back to the house to get a camera, just knowing he'd be gone before I got back.  I thought he was but he had just moved over from the step to a container I store animal stuff in.  It seems like there must be something wrong with a screech owl if it is this close to the ground at nighttime.  I was afraid Keri would get it but I'm not sure if she saw it or not.  She barked and looked that direction but didn't go after it, thank goodness.  I wonder how long he'll stay out there.  I hope nothing gets it.


  1. Love your assessment of your chickens! And what a rare treat to see, much less capture on film, an owl!

  2. Very few eggs and no screech owls. How cool. Don't you just love the rewards when you go out when you don't want to.