Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Outside dog

The other night when I posted that picture of Rosie and Lex all curled up under blankets I got a message from my neice saying, "and poor Keri is outside.  How do you do it?"  In the beginning it took willpower, I can tell you that.  I was raised with inside dogs and couldn't imagine how anyone could let a dog stay outside at night.  Well, now I understand it.  Some dogs truly love the outdoors and Keri is one of them.  She takes her job of protecting us very seriously I think.  She's very alert and barks at any sound she thinks needs barking at.  She barks a little more than I'd like.  She can be quiet for many hours at a time but when she's on a roll, watch out. 

Anyone who feels sorry for her should watch her out our window and they'd feel differently.  She's a busy girl.  She entertains herself like no other dog we've had.  She's forever bouncing on a green tomato, chewing a stick, carrying a frisbee, chasing a chicken, opening the gate to the garden to see what's going on, stealing chicken food, checking to see if there's more rabbit poop she should nibble on, helping us do chores, sunbathing, watching the goats, playing in a bucket of water or just plain making the rounds.  She always looks happy.  One night it was raining and she and I were in the basement doing something.  I decided to let her stay down there when we went to bed.  At midnight she barked to go out.  I think she was afraid she was missing something.  Most nights she sleeps on a small rug on our patio.  If it's raining she'll sleep in our garage in some hay, I think.  She has a beautiful, thick white coat so I don't think she ever gets cold.  Great pyrenees have been outdoor dogs for years and years.  I sleep very comfortably knowing she's out there watching over us.  There's only one thing that would make her happier and that is if we'd stay outside and play with her all day.  She loves when Rosie and Lex stay outdoors, which they seem to be doing more and more of since she came here to live.  They're all so good for each other.  At 6 months old Keri is now taller than both of them. 

Of course I love having inside dogs too.

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