Sunday, November 6, 2011

Apple cider

Today was my first experience making apple cider.  It was very much what I thought it would be but more relaxing.  Our friend, TE, does this every year and asked if we'd like to help.  Of course.  If you want to know how to butcher a hog, make cider, take apart a car, fix and engine, raise chickens, train a mule, or find whatever it is you need, he's your guy.  If he doesn't have something or know how to do something he knows the person who does. 

There were about 10 of us making the cider.  Some were washing the apples.
From there they moved to cutting them in quarters.  James was very good at this.
Next they were fed into the chopper-upper.  I know the machine is called a cider press but they weren't being pressed at this point.  The press used to be hand cranked but someone had added a motor so things moved pretty quickly.

The chopped up apples slid forward to be pressed.
The chickens, pigs and ducks will enjoy the apple remains.
What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon with great people making great cider.  We brought home 5 gallons.  As I type this James is canning some so it will keep. 
Next Saturday and Sunday we'll be making apple butter.  Another first for me.


  1. Oh, I so would love to buy the cottage...and make cider and apple butter and goat cheese...!!

  2. Are you still planning on making some HARD? I am slowly making it through the apples you gave me. One big bag in the freezer and some apple sauce in the refrigerator.

  3. Susan, we're still working on that bag of apples too but they're almost gone. James canned some, dried some and made a pie. I've been sharing them with the animals too.